“Magic Bus #stinpriza tours”, sister company of Caldera Travel Santorini, is the first travel & tours agency providing high – end green services of transportation in Athens city and its unique suburbs, using 100% electric professional minivans with 0% carbon footprint and 0% sound pollution!

We have designed a holistic green experience for our guests, as our efforts are extending further from just the use of electric vehicles. On board we offer 100% recyclable non-plastic water bottles, as well as eco-friendly amenities. Furthermore, we have developed a green reward system, so that our visitors in addition to their delight for the high quality services are also aware that they actively participate in the protection of the environment by choosing “Magic Bus #stinpriza”.

Here in Magic Bus #stinpriza our first priority is to protect the health and safety of our guests. We are following strict hygiene and health protocols and our people are certified and have successfully participated in educational programs regarding the European Hygiene Protocols, the regulations and the preventive actions against COVID-19.

“Eco is the new luxury” is our motto and our way to make your moments in Greece special. Join us and enjoy personalized, enriching and memorable experiences!

Our eco - friendly tours