Health First

The sector of tourism is in the first line regarding human contact and interaction. Here in Magic bus #stinpriza tours (affiliated company to Caldera Travel Santorini) health comes first and we support the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and its campaign Destination Greece. Health first!

Our company is following all hygiene and health rules and restrictions and all of our people are certified and have successfully participated in educational programs regarding the National Hygiene Protocols, the regulations and the preventive actions against COVID-19.

So far in Greece we have managed to deal with the pandemic in an admirable way and we are determined to continue. We believe that the responsibility for the protection of public health should not be left only to the state but we should all participate. Protecting the health of our guests and our employees is not just a legal obligation, but also a moral behavior and a sign of respect.

“HEALTH FIRST” means that we care. We care and we respect ourselves, our guests and our environment.